Cedar Sectional Garage Doors

The Doors

Cedar garage doors are sure to enhance the visual appeal of your home with a unique custom crafted cedar hardwood on a sectional garage door with a heart of steel. All our cedar doors use are manufactured in New Zealand, and have natural and individual grain patterns – not one section will be alike!

Door Styles

TG & V Cedar

Available in various board widths and thicknesses, installed vertically or horizontally. Typically we supply 97x10mm, 127 x 10mm, 87x20mm and 127x20mm. We can also supply borders if necessary.

Ply & Batten Cedar

Cedar Battens over a 6mm Meranti ply panel. A more modern look.

Raised Panel Cedar

Classic and traditional doors with raised panelling, on a strong, rigid framework.

Lourve Cedar

Profiled Cedar boards to create the look of lourves while still being weather tight.

Cedar Door Stains

All our cedar doors are available au naturale or stained. As cedar is natural products, colour variations will occur on every garage door. We do not recommend Dark Stains/pains on doors which face the sun.

Our Cedar Sectional Doors are factory pre-coated with CD50 Timber Protection Oil, designed to meet our extreme environmental conditions. CD50 will not crack and peel, and contains water-repelling properties that prevent the absorption of unwanted moisture.CD50 dries clear on surfaces exposed to light will protect timbers but will silver with age. CD50 applied in colour tones help maintain & complement timber character and colour giving a natural appearance.

Cedar Door Maintenance

Please note that as cedar is a natural product it requires treatment to maintain its finish. A coatCD50 Timber Protection Wood Oil should be applied a minimum of six weeks out to 3 months subsequently after installation; this coat can be applied in clear or colour toned. Re-application of CD50 will be required when the surface exhibits signs of wear (ie, is unable to bead water) or the colour tone is faded. Keep in mind that durability of water repellancy & colour tone is proportional to the amount of CD50 in the timber. This is generally not required every year but only as and when necessary.

Cedar Door Quirks

Please also note that doors are not guaranteed to have identically matched patterns or colouring, though we strive to produce attractive and consistent finishes on our Timber Doors. With timber doors, some movement may occur naturally.

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